New Delaware Homes

Why buy a used home when there are so many New Delaware Homes on the market that are the same price or cost a good deal less?

The only reasons I can think of are:

  • Location.  If you really like a particular location, Used Homes may be all that there is to choose from.
  • Historical Value. Perhaps you are looking for a house of particularly interesting  historical importance?
  • A specific designer? As far as I know Frank Lloyd Wright did not build any homes in Rehoboth Beach but if he had it would certainly give some people a reason to buy a used home here.
  • Old homes were built better? I don’t know if that argument holds water. Old homes often have no insulation and had outhouses at one time.  Although it’s true that lumber was straighter and cut larger in the old days, old homes are not very efficient and it can be very costly to upgrade them.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. If you search my site and compare the prices of average used homes to average new homes you should find that you can often get a better deal on a  new home  that has never been lived in than the used home in which kitty and spot relieved themselves in the corner, the home owner spilled red wine on the carpets and the bathroom tile is covered with mildew.  This is certainly not to say that there are not some wonderful used homes on the market but if the price is the same, the neighborhood is the same and everything else is equal why would you choose the used home over the new one?

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