Lowest Priced Single Family Home in Canal Corkran

27 Thompson Court: 4 Bedroom 3 Bath Single Family home on a .27 acre lot in Canal Corkran offered at $649,000

Sales data for Canal Corkran 4BR/3BA Single Family Homes:

Hi: $1,150,000

Low: $740,000

Median: $980,398

Average: $956,799

Standard disclaimer: This post was accurate the day it was written 3/14/2012. The author does not promise this post will be accurate in the future.

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RBYCC: 4 homes under $400K

The average home price in the Rehoboth Beach Yacht & Country Club is over $1,000,000. If you like the sound of living in RBYCC but don’t want to spend a million here are four homes priced under $400K

  1. 14 Stafford 4BR/2.5BA $389,000
  2. 8 Coventry Road 3BR/3.5BA $399,000
  3. 10 Surrey Road 4BR/3.5 BA $399,000 Short Sale, AS IS
  4. 5 Canterbury Lane 3BR/2BA $399,900

Please click any of the addresses above for additional details.

Price and availability were current as of March 6 2012 but will certainly change in the future.


Rehoboth Beach: 6 Great Single Family Home Communities.

So, you know you want to buy a house in Rehoboth Beach but you don’t know much about the different communities. If you believe in the intelligence of crowds, the largest crowds chose to buy in the following communities during the last 365 days. Acting independently based on the information available, more people made the decision to purchase homes in these Rehoboth Beach SFH communities than any others.

2/28/2011 – 2/28/2012 Accounted for 227 total single family homes sold + under contract in Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

Community Name | Units Sold + Under Contract.

Click on any of the community names to view current inventory:

  1. Rehoboth Beach Yacht and Country Club. 28 Homes
  2. North Rehoboth. 17 Homes
  3. South Rehoboth. 17 Homes
  4. Breezewood. 10 Homes
  5. Bay Vista. 9 Homes
  6. Kings Creek Country Club.  8 Homes
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