Senators – Lewes DE – 27 Sales Opening Day

September 2012 Opening Day, the new Schell Brothers community named SENATORS in Lewes Delaware managed to sell 27 lots.

What’s all the fuss? Why are they selling so quickly? The neighbouring communities of Hawkseye and Wolfe Pointe have home prices starting at around $700K, in Senators prices start in the mid $300’s. In addition to the low prices the community will be one of the first in the area to offer natural gas rather than propane for heating. The community will have a clubhouse and pool as well as easy access to the Junction Breakwater trail. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to request an info packet.

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If you are reading this it may have already sold.

104 Columbia Avenue in the Pines. Rehoboth Beach DE.  $675,000

104 Columbia Avenue. Rehoboth Beach DE 19971


3BR/2BA Walking Distance to the Beach and Boardwalk. Sold furnished as seen.

e-mail me for additional photos.

Call me quickly as this one is going to sell before Halloween.
List date 10/04/2011

As of the 10/9/2011 there are already multiple offers on the house.

Mike Brown 302 258 4368



Many have chosen to stay close to home rather than vacation in the spring, summer and fall simply due to either economic conditions, rising costs of fuel, or just by choice. Whatever the reason, much time will be spent in the outdoors, so it’s time to get innovated and create a vacation destination right in your own backyard.

Vacation Retreat

Vacation Retreat

With a bit of hard work and some time, it’s possible to make your home not only into a vacation destination, but it could just become quite the home of your dreams. An ordinary and plainly landscaped backyard can be transformed into something quite magical. First of all, one must have a plan. Draw out a plan of your dream of a backyard, a place that is calming and rejuvenating, something to look forward to come home to. Ever thought about adding additional space in your backyard by installing a deck? There are endless choices of materials to choose from for decking. Although it can be pricier, for the long-term, installing decking made out of recyclable composite materials or PVC provides maximum durability and offers the ultimate in maintenance. Tropical hardwoods including mahogany are just as durable but again, the cost of the material is rather high. If the home already has wood decking, then a bit of sprucing up the deck in regards to its care may be in order. If the decking appears dull and perhaps has a bit of mildew growth, then renting a simple pressure washer is a good idea, followed by a sealant or stain if you prefer. This will give the impression and illusion of a brand new deck and will preserve the life of the wood. Be sure to inspect the deck for cracks in the wood, or any wood rot prior to applying sealant or stain.

Another option rather than installing a deck are to lay pavers. Pavers are an excellent alternative, are available in a variety of colors and shapes, and offer a unique type of warmth and hospitality to the home. Pavers are made from an array of material such as concrete, brick, stone, slate and even marble. Before laying pavers, it is important to understand its application, as a strong foundation is essential for a successful installation.

After creating the perfect backyard scape, it’s time to think about applying a bit of personalization through outdoor décor. Think about adding a bit of maintenance-free tropicalia to your little oasis, with Christmas Palms, blooming potted bougainvilleas that frame trellises, scatter pots here and there and fill with a blend of mixed fresh herbs and vibrant flowering perennials. If financially possible, think about purchasing an outdoor living ensemble made from wrought iron or outdoor wicker. Complete the look by accenting with solid-colored cushions and contrasting pillows, or choose fabrics with tropical flair and style, add a market umbrella with a string of outdoor lights, or make the center of your outdoor escape complete with a chiminea, firepit or the charm of an outdoor fireplace.

Now that you have designed and completed the perfect vacation destination, what is the perfect way to celebrate and to share the fruits of your labor with family and friends? The ultimate barbeque, of course. Again, if it’s in the budget, investing in a good barbeque grill is a wise purchase and available in a wide range of pricing from the thirty dollar charcoal grill to a nice gas grill from two-hundred dollars to five-thousand dollars and up for an impressive outdoor grill-kitchen setup. Whatever the budget, adding the ambiance of a grill through sight and smell does wonders.

By creating a vacation retreat right in your own backyard, you create a place of escape and charm, one that is a joy to come home to, and offers a serene and relaxed atmosphere to all who come into its presence. Creating a magical vacation retreat just may make you never want to leave your home again.

Homes for sale in Rehoboth with Vacation Retreat Backyards.


Beach Life – The Different Aspects of Owning Real Estate by the Ocean

Owning a house on the beach or near the ocean is a dream held by many. Oceanfront property is attractive because of the unique lifestyle it offers and the investment opportunities it can provide. Although not without certain drawbacks, owning real estate on the ocean can be extremely fulfilling either as a residence, investment property or both.

The positive aspects of actually living on the ocean are numerous. In general, it tends to be a very healthy lifestyle. First, there’s that giant natural swimming pool in the backyard. Water sports like surfing, body boarding, and simple swimming are some of the best full-body, low-impact workouts available. Walking or jogging in the sand naturally enhances our most simple and effective exercise, with amazing results. Geographically being near an ocean generally means easy access to seafood, which is a staple of a healthy diet. Living on the ocean is intellectually stimulating and very relaxing. The ocean serves as a giant movie screen displaying an endless IMAX film about the magnificent and truly awesome power of nature. It is an amazing environment to raise children, constantly engaging them both physically and intellectually. Though medical data may be lacking, no one can deny the benefits to one’s spirit and soul gained from a life on the beach. It’s no accident, according to one resident I spoke with recently, that “all of our neighbors have this happy, relaxed nature about them.” A little unscientific research lead me to a theory that the spiritual connection with water dates back to our early ancestors. Back when large bodies of water represented a lifeline for food and sustenance, the feeling of calm, security, and belonging that seems to come with living near the beach is deeply ingrained within us.

In terms of an investment, real estate near the ocean is a desirable addition to anyone’s portfolio. For all of the reasons listed above, people flock to the ocean, and the demand for a home near the beach is always very high. The age-old philosophy about land, “they’re not making any more of it” specifically applies to beachfront property. One could argue that due to erosion and/or climate change, that beachfront property is in fact diminishing, which naturally pushes up the value of existing ocean real estate. As a rental property, a home on the beach can be a great source of income in which the amount of rent you charge a tenant is limited only by demand, which during the on-season is very high. Beachfront property is generally known as a sound investment.

There are certain negative aspects that come with owning real estate on the ocean, both for investors and full-time residents. Just as the roaring ocean is the biggest draw to living on the beach, it also serves as its greatest threat. Nothing is more powerful than a storm coming in off of the sea. As anyone who has been in such a storm can tell you, it is a truly frightening experience. Immediate threats to one’s safety are the 1st to be concerned with, extremely high winds can wreak havoc on glass windows and weak foundations. If in the worst case scenario, the waters start to rise and flood your home, leave and seek safety immediately. Which leads us to the greatest threat: flooding. As recent current events have demonstrated, our weather and climates appear to be changing at a rapid rate. Personifying the fear of every beachfront property owner, harrowing home videos easily found on the internet have shown us how quickly rising waters can wipe a home completely off of the map. Many people are very uneasy with the thought that they could lose their home in literally the blink of an eye.

It’s not all a rosy picture for investors either. A beachfront property can command top dollar as a rental, but not necessarily year-round. An investor must take into account the seasonal fluctuations of demand. During the off season, there might not be a renter at all, leaving the investor to take care of maintenance and upkeep. If an investor simply assumes that rental property income will be a constant, they are in for a very rude awakening. Ah, the off season, where a beachfront community can seem like a ghost town. Granted some residents absolutely savor the peace and quiet, most consider the general shutdown during the off season a negative. It can be an isolating feeling when a once bustling beach town becomes quite desolate, where even basic local services and amenities can be hard to come by.

For some folks, living on a beach is like heaven on earth. For some investors, a home on the beach can be a cash cow. Drawbacks do exist, and a home by the ocean is not for everyone. However for an active family or a savvy investor, life truly is, a beach!

Dylan Taft is an experienced Hudson Valley real estate professional working in home sales and purchases. Visit Dylan’s professionally optimized website for more information on property taxes, and details on the Ulster County NY real estate area.


2 Million Dollar House for $1.19M

A letter from a local custom home builder:

“I am selling my house in Wolfe Pointe: I am willing to firesale the house at this point just to get it sold so I can build a house for my family.  I don’t want to build a new house on our lot until I sell the Wolfe Pointe house. Anyway, here are the details:

· The house appraised for $2.453M in November, 2007 (I can send you a PDF of the appraisal)

· The house is 6,600 heated SF and has 5 bedrooms, 5 full baths, and 2 half baths.

· The house won the Regal award for Best Custom Home over $750,000 and the National Award for Best Interior Merchandizing for a home priced over $2M.

· I had an offer on the house for $1.75M plus two weeks on a 165’ yacht that I didn’t take (yes, I am one of those dumb people who didn’t take their first offer and should have)

· I spent $1.71M on the construction of the house at my direct cost and paid $285k for the lot so I have almost $2M in the house

· The house is being sold with or without the furniture.  It includes all the TVs and media equipment (smart home, home theatre, etc)

· I am asking $1.19M without the furniture and $1.25M with the furniture.

If you have anyone who you think might be interested in my house, please let me know.  Somebody is going to get a good deal because this house can’t be recreated for less than $2M.  Because there are renters in the house, I can only give tours to serious buyers.”

This home is not currently on the MLS and you won’t find it on or many other websites.
Please let me know if you are a “Serious Buyer” and I will be happy to arrange a tour.

302 258 4368 – Mike Brown


Coastal Charms – From the Wall Street Journal

Tiny Delaware’s three counties line a sliver of the East Coast from the lower reaches of the Delaware River to the Atlantic Ocean. Sussex County, the one facing the sea, is a mix of farmland and quaint beach towns, where several times each week Barbara and David Patrick walk alongside a saltwater bay for its sights and serenity.

The bay’s inlet is a wintering area for herons and ospreys. “On almost any day in winter, there will be a thousand snow geese flying overhead,” says Mr. Patrick, age 72, who retired here with his wife in 2006.

Beaches, waterways and outdoor recreation have helped make Sussex County one of the most popular retirement destinations in the Northeast. It doesn’t hurt that the area is more affordable than surrounding states (Delaware has no sales tax) and that several major cities (Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia) are within a two-hour drive, if one needs a cultural fix.

Taking Their Time

There’s also the atmosphere of “slower, lower Delaware.” Since retiring in Sussex County from eastern Pennsylvania last June, Ron and Carol Weber have learned that no one is in much of a hurry.

“The first time I got my hair cut and highlights, it took three hours. Ron almost called the cops,” says Ms. Weber, 59, who found herself being wined and pampered. “They took all the time in the world to make it just right. Most places want to get you out.”

The Delaware shore has long been a magnet for families from the Northeast and Midwest on summer vacation. The state has preserved much of the Sussex County coastline for public use with boardwalks and bike trails. Birding, boating and crabbing, among other activities, have kept several generations of visitors pleasantly occupied.

Now, couples like the Webers, who first came here in summer, are returning in later life as year-round residents. While the county has 25 towns in all, best known are the communities along the 24-mile Atlantic seaboard—from historic Lewes in the north, to artsy Rehoboth Beach, to the quiet resorts of Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island in the south.

Gone are the days when the sleepy beach towns could turn off their traffic lights in the winter. Restaurants that catered to summer tourists are staying open, offering 2-for-1 deals in the winter, much to the delight of retirees. The county also is attracting chains, such as Harris Teeter supermarkets and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Jay Pastore, 50, of Rehoboth Beach, still sees a lull at his art gallery in the off-season. But there’s enough activity to keep his doors open year-round, especially with events such as the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival each November.

Dr. Pastore left his medical practice in northern Virginia in 2007 to become a beach person and owner of Gallery 50. Since he arrived, six other galleries have opened.

Heading Inland

To find more elbow room, and more housing for their money, more retirees are settling inland.

“The closer you get to the water, the more expensive it is,” says Dottie Wells, branch manager for Long & Foster Real Estate in Bethany Beach. Individual beachfront houses, she says, start at about $1 million.

“Most retirees don’t want to spend that much money to live waterfront.” Just two or three miles off the coast, new homes can be found in the $200,000 range. The growing number of subdivisions has some builders marketing shuttle services to the beach.

Not surprisingly, Sussex County’s popularity is proving to be a mixed blessing. The population, thanks, in part, to the influx of retirees, has jumped 65% since 1990. As a result, the local infrastructure in some cases is struggling to keep pace.

Lewes, settled in 1631 and known as the first town in the first state, recently invested in additional electric lines, a new wastewater-treatment plant and major road projects, says Jim Ford, the town’s mayor. Still, “you can’t just keep paving and paving and widening and widening,” Mr. Ford adds. With that in mind, Lewes—where the average age is 59, and transplants now outnumber natives—is considering “green” options, including a park-and-ride shuttle service, possibly running on natural gas or electricity, that would take people to the beach, shopping, restaurants, museums and other points of interest.

Doctors Wanted

Changes are evident, too, in Beebe Medical Center, also in Lewes. The hospital recently added a wing with more beds and has expanded specialties such as cardiology and orthopedics to serve an older population. A Beebe clinic just opened in Rehoboth Beach, and new facilities are slated for the communities of Millville and Georgetown. But the area is having a problem recruiting primary-care physicians.

“We are short doctors, and we know it,” says Wallace Hudson, vice president of corporate affairs for Beebe. The slower lifestyle that attracts retirees doesn’t necessarily appeal to young doctors, who want shopping, good schools and cultural attractions.

Drew Davis, who retired to South Bethany Beach in 2007 from his job as a lawyer and lobbyist in Washington, acknowledges that there are some things he misses. (Among them: good ethnic food, including Korean barbecue.) But the 63-year-old Mr. Davis, who now works part time at Coastal Kayak as a kayak instructor and guide, says he doesn’t miss the crowds.

“People actually wave at you here,” he says. “They don’t avoid eye contact, like in the city.”

The Patricks, meanwhile, fresh off a walk on the bay, say they chose Sussex County because they wanted to simplify their lives. As a bonus, they add, they have made more friends in the area than they ever did in Silver Spring, Md., where they worked for years. Says Mrs. Patrick: “We are away from our families, so we’ve become our own family.”

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Coastal Delaware Homes $325K – $475K

Looking for an affordable home along the Delaware Coast?

Here are a number of homes and communities to take a look at.

Broadkill Beach

$475,000 Like new 2006 3BR/2.5BA on stilts with views of the Delaware bay and state wildlife preserve. Located a block from the Beach. On stilts, elevator, bamboo floors, granite counter tops. Short Sale. The next step up in Broadkill is priced $100,000 more than this one! See all the homes for sale in Broadkill here.

Rehoboth Beach Single Family Homes – 66 Homes match your description. $325K & $475K

Nice/Popular/Neighborhoods in this price range:

Rehoboth Beach Yacht & Country Club
Private Golf Club and Pool
Distance to beach (Approximate)
1.5 miles

Grande at Canal Pointe
Community Pool
Distance to beach (Approximate)

Sawgrass At White Oak Creek
Community Pool
Distance to beach (Approximate)
6 miles

Rehoboth Beach Condos – 73 townhomes match your description. $325K & $475K

Spring Lake
Distance to beach (Approximate)
1 mile

Sea Chase
Distance to beach (Approximate)
3 miles

The Seasons
Distance to beach (Approximate)
1.5 miles

The Tides
Distance to beach (Approximate)
1.5 miles

Sanibel Village
$3950 – $4800
Distance to beach (Approximate)
1 mile

Distance to beach (Approximate)
1 mile

Keys of Marsh Harbor
Distance to beach (Approximate)
1 mile

Edgewater Park
Annual HOA/CONDO $
Distance to beach (Approximate)
3/4 mile

Distance to beach (Approximate)
½ mile

Sterling Crossing
Distance to beach (Approximate)
3 miles

Blue Point Villas
Distance to beach (Approximate)
1 mile

LEWES Single Family Homes – 108 Homes match your description. $325K & $475K

Villages of Five Points

Distance to the Delaware Bay (Approximate)
1.5 Miles
Annual HOA/CONDO $

Pilottown Village

Distance to the Delaware Bay (Approximate)

1 Mile

Plantations East

Distance to the Delaware Bay (Approximate)
3 Miles

Joy Beach

Distance to the Delaware Bay (Approximate)
9 Miles
Views of the Rehoboth Bay

Annual HOA/CONDO $0

Henlopen Landing

Distance to the Delaware Bay (Approximate)

3 Miles

Annual HOA/CONDO $800

Bayfront at Rehoboth
Distance to the Ocean (Approximate)
10 Miles
Distance to the Rehoboth Bay
1 block or less
$ unlisted

Lewes Condos – 43 townhomes match your description. $325K & $475K

Savanna Point

Annual HOA/CONDO $3000


Annual HOA/CONDO $2000 – $3000

Village of Five Points

Annual HOA/CONDO $1504 – $2064

Captains Quarters

Annual HOA/CONDO $3869

Lewes Harbor

Annual HOA/CONDO $2108

Dewey Beach Single Family Homes – 1 Home matches your description. $325K & $475K

0 bedroom / 0 bath shack $349,000

Dewey Beach – 22 condo/townhomes match your description. $325K & $475K


Annual HOA/CONDO $3624

Walk to the beach

Marina View

Views of the Bay, Walk to the Beach

Annual HOA/CONDO $3950

Rainbow Cove

Views of the Bay Walk to the Beach

Annual HOA/CONDO $2900

If you need 3 or more bedrooms it narrows the search to just 7 properties.

Bethany Beach 25 Homes match your description. $325K & $475K

One canal front home 552268

One waterfront ranch with a 99 year renewable lease $399,000

Salt Pond

Annual HOA/CONDO $1068

miles to the beach 1.5

Turtle Walk

No fee listed.

Miles to the beach – 2

Bethany 22 condo/townhomes match your description. $325K & $475K

Most if not all are at least 1 – 2 miles from the beach

Sea Colony

Large community Some Ocean Front Some 1.5 miles from the beach.

Annual HOA/CONDO $5000 – $12,000


Annual HOA/CONDO $3300


Annual HOA/CONDO $3500


Annual HOA/CONDO $2472 – $3300


Annual HOA/CONDO $1809


Annual HOA/CONDO $3392


Annual HOA/CONDO $1220

Fenwick Island – 4 Properties match your price range:

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