Many have chosen to stay close to home rather than vacation in the spring, summer and fall simply due to either economic conditions, rising costs of fuel, or just by choice. Whatever the reason, much time will be spent in the outdoors, so it’s time to get innovated and create a vacation destination right in your own backyard.

Vacation Retreat

Vacation Retreat

With a bit of hard work and some time, it’s possible to make your home not only into a vacation destination, but it could just become quite the home of your dreams. An ordinary and plainly landscaped backyard can be transformed into something quite magical. First of all, one must have a plan. Draw out a plan of your dream of a backyard, a place that is calming and rejuvenating, something to look forward to come home to. Ever thought about adding additional space in your backyard by installing a deck? There are endless choices of materials to choose from for decking. Although it can be pricier, for the long-term, installing decking made out of recyclable composite materials or PVC provides maximum durability and offers the ultimate in maintenance. Tropical hardwoods including mahogany are just as durable but again, the cost of the material is rather high. If the home already has wood decking, then a bit of sprucing up the deck in regards to its care may be in order. If the decking appears dull and perhaps has a bit of mildew growth, then renting a simple pressure washer is a good idea, followed by a sealant or stain if you prefer. This will give the impression and illusion of a brand new deck and will preserve the life of the wood. Be sure to inspect the deck for cracks in the wood, or any wood rot prior to applying sealant or stain.

Another option rather than installing a deck are to lay pavers. Pavers are an excellent alternative, are available in a variety of colors and shapes, and offer a unique type of warmth and hospitality to the home. Pavers are made from an array of material such as concrete, brick, stone, slate and even marble. Before laying pavers, it is important to understand its application, as a strong foundation is essential for a successful installation.

After creating the perfect backyard scape, it’s time to think about applying a bit of personalization through outdoor d├ęcor. Think about adding a bit of maintenance-free tropicalia to your little oasis, with Christmas Palms, blooming potted bougainvilleas that frame trellises, scatter pots here and there and fill with a blend of mixed fresh herbs and vibrant flowering perennials. If financially possible, think about purchasing an outdoor living ensemble made from wrought iron or outdoor wicker. Complete the look by accenting with solid-colored cushions and contrasting pillows, or choose fabrics with tropical flair and style, add a market umbrella with a string of outdoor lights, or make the center of your outdoor escape complete with a chiminea, firepit or the charm of an outdoor fireplace.

Now that you have designed and completed the perfect vacation destination, what is the perfect way to celebrate and to share the fruits of your labor with family and friends? The ultimate barbeque, of course. Again, if it’s in the budget, investing in a good barbeque grill is a wise purchase and available in a wide range of pricing from the thirty dollar charcoal grill to a nice gas grill from two-hundred dollars to five-thousand dollars and up for an impressive outdoor grill-kitchen setup. Whatever the budget, adding the ambiance of a grill through sight and smell does wonders.

By creating a vacation retreat right in your own backyard, you create a place of escape and charm, one that is a joy to come home to, and offers a serene and relaxed atmosphere to all who come into its presence. Creating a magical vacation retreat just may make you never want to leave your home again.

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