30yr fixed dropped to 4.875%

The 30 yr fixed rates dropped today to 4.875%
This is based on a 30-45 day lock for a primary or 2nd home.

So what does this really mean for home buyers?

Lets say you are interested in a $375,000 home.

Using a simple mortgage calculator $375,000 with zero down (unrealistic) for 30 years at 5.5% gives you a payment of $2129.21 a month.  If we drop the rate to 4.875% it brings the monthly payment down to $1984.53 a month,  saving you $144.68 monthly, $1736.16 a year or $52,084.80 over the life of the loan.

Realistically, lenders are looking for anywhere between 10% and 20% down on most home loans.

If you are looking for a Mortgage Calculator try out the one on our sister site Delaware Waterfront Homes

Simply enter the the MLS # you are interested in and play around with different rates and down payment amounts.

Delaware has a 3% transfer tax on property purchases. Typically the buyer pays half while the seller picks up the tab for other half.

(**condos with less than 25% down will be higher)

Post on March 19 2009.
If today is not March 19 2009 these rates may no longer apply.

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