Rehoboth Beach Seal of Approval

A Seal in Rehoboth Beach DE

Seal in Rehoboth Beach DE March 31 2011

Seal in Rehoboth Beach DE March 31 2011

My family and I live on the water in the community of Seabreeze in Rehoboth Beach overlooking the Rehoboth Bay and Dewey Beach.  Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to find a 150+ lb seal on my neighbors jet ski dry dock.  This seal has been here now for two days and I’ve taken dozens of photos and video clips of him/her that you can view on my Facebook profile.

After some quick research online it appears we have an adult Harp Seal.  The research I did said it could be one of three varieties commonly found on the eastern coast of the united states, either Harbor, Grey or Harp.  From browsing 100’s of photos ours appears to look significantly more like a harp seal than a harbor or grey.

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